There’s too much confusion about the word “feminism”


According to, feminism is “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

In its definition feminism contains the term “equality.”

As I said in another post,  it was at high school when I heard the word feminism for the first time.

As an Italian native speaker,  things get even more complicated since there are two terms to refer to sexism:”maschilismo” and” sessismo”. “Maschilismo” probably derives from “maschio”, which is male in Italian. In Italian it is a synonym for “sessismo”, that’s all.

However, some people believe that, since feminism derives from the word “femmina” (female),  feminism would be “superiority of women over men”. This is completely wrong in my opinion.

Some people propose “antisexism” as a neutral term, but I think there’s nothing to change. You can even call it “apple”, what matters is what is it about: equality.

Thanks to feminism I learned to fully accept myself and to be more tolerant to minorities in general. I wish everyone could know the benefits of feminism!

When I heard the word “feminism” for the first time

[This post may contain mistakes, because not my first language]

Maybe you were wondering where I have been such a long time.

Well, my life is always full of changes and unexpected facts, so you shouldn’t worry if I don’t post for some months. I’ve not forgotten this blog and certainly I won’t.

Today I want to talk about something autobiographic, but in some ways related to feminism.

When did I hear the term “feminism” for the first time?

I was at high school. It was my 4th or 5th year, if I am not mistaken. My philosophy teacher said:

I believe in the equality between men and women. I’m a feminist.

I remember that I didn’t question the word “feminism.” Even if it was the first time I heard it, it was clear to me that it had a positive meaning. What surprised me was that a male pronounced it. I guess this may be related to the fact that, whether we want it or not, we are all affected by patriarchy.

Patriarchy, directly or indirectly, controls our minds. It doesn’t matter if you consider yourself a feminist or not. It is really likely that you experience the violence and the injustice of patriarchy, because our society is grounded in it.

Now I think differently. It doesn’t surprise me anymore when a man tell me he is a feminist, because I’ve become a feminist myself.

But, to be honest, does it matter if a person is male, woman or non-binary?

We are all people, that’s what it matters, and we should all fight against patriarchy!

And you? When did you hear the word “feminism” for the first time?

Leave a comment, if you want.

P.s. I will talk about my teacher in other posts. I know it may be a little bit personal, but he really had a big influence on me!