There’s too much confusion about the word “feminism”


According to, feminism is “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.”

In its definition feminism contains the term “equality.”

As I said in another post,  it was at high school when I heard the word feminism for the first time.

As an Italian native speaker,  things get even more complicated since there are two terms to refer to sexism:”maschilismo” and” sessismo”. “Maschilismo” probably derives from “maschio”, which is male in Italian. In Italian it is a synonym for “sessismo”, that’s all.

However, some people believe that, since feminism derives from the word “femmina” (female),  feminism would be “superiority of women over men”. This is completely wrong in my opinion.

Some people propose “antisexism” as a neutral term, but I think there’s nothing to change. You can even call it “apple”, what matters is what is it about: equality.

Thanks to feminism I learned to fully accept myself and to be more tolerant to minorities in general. I wish everyone could know the benefits of feminism!